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The new Cristiano Ronaldo who flopped at Real Madrid and failed as musician will play again here

He was a hot prospect at Real Madrid, but his teams kicked him out left soccer to work in the music and when he saw he failed, he looked for a new club. And he found it.

This player has one of the crazy careers among the active soccer professionals. He started at Real Madrid and had everything to be a big star playing with Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos and more. And he even won UEFA Champions League, but he did not care enough. He went to other clubs, but the same attitude made him hard to want.

So he left soccer, tried to be a reggaeton musician without success and went to a reality show.  He noticed his life was going down and the alternatives were not working as he expected, so he asked one of his former clubs to take him back. And the request was accepted.

That is Jesé Rodriguez, who has just signed for Las Palmas. The team is in the second division and hopes the winger to show what he made of him a hot prospect. He is soon to be 28, and while for the majority of the players that would be the age to reach the peak, for him it is the moment to launch his career again.

Jesé had played 16 matches with Las Palmas, scoring just three goals. He won a second opportunity and while his past at Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and the Spain youth teams are what advertise him, he will have to work really hard so he can be what people have expected from him for many years.

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