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The incredible mansion Lionel Messi left behind as he signed with PSG

Lionel Messi is already settled in Paris Saint Germain, and although his destiny seems to be in France, he made the decision not to sell his mansion in Castelldefels, valued at 6 million dollars.

Lionel Messi with his family
Lionel Messi with his family

Lionel Messi used to reside with his family in a luxury mansion (10,000 square meters) in Castelldefels. The house, very well equipped after investing five million euros in renovations, has a gym, paddle tennis court and a soccer field. It also has a first-class garden area to enjoy a barbecue with his friends. In Castelldefels, the captain of Barça has all the comforts in the world and it is still not known what he is going to do with the big case.

In 2009, the current Paris Saint Germain player bought a piece of land in the Bellamar urbanization. There he built a large mansion valued at 1.8 million euros. Although the house was of gigantic dimensions, the player invested five million more, in adapting it to his taste, and that of his family.

Lionel Messi's mansion at Castelldefels

Lionel Messi's mansion at Castelldefels: Main amenities

Messi's impressive mansion has a huge swimming pool and, in addition, he is lucky enough to be able to enjoy the beach just a few meters away. Two privileges that most mortals find it very difficult to access. But, in case something else was still missing from this property, Barça's 10 can also play paddle tennis there.

Lionel Messi's mansion at Castelldefels: How much does it cost?

Messi's family acquired their house in Castelldefels in 2019 for 1.8 million euros, and invested more than six million to adapt it to their liking, including the purchase of the adjoining mansion for expansion and the construction of a mini soccer field.

Lionel Messi's: How is his new house in Paris?

The mansion that Messi and his family choose

Lionel Messi: How much does it cost his new house?

Lionel Messi will livewith his family in Paris, in a house whose rent costs 20,000 euros per month.

However, despite the fact that Messi's new house has more than 300 square meters in which there are four bedrooms and a small garden, the property does not have the indoor pool that the family was looking for.

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