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The hit Maluma song that was written because of Neymar

Rumour has it that Maluma's hit song Hawaii was targeted at Neymar over his affair with the artist ex-girlfriend Natalia Barulich.   

Maluma, Neymar, Barulich.
Maluma, Neymar, Barulich.

PSG player Neymar Jr and Colombian music star Maluma were involved in a feud over American model Natalia Barulich, who they both dated at some point. Maluma was the first to date Barulich, and after breaking up football star Neymar picked her up and had a relationship with her before he also separated from her.

A song, Hawai released in July 29, 2020 as part of Maluma's album Papi Juancho appeared to be targeted at the Neymar and Barulich for their relationship. 

The song was actually released 6 months after it was confirmed that Brazilian football star Neymar Jr is in a relationship with the Colombian music star's ex-girlfriend. "Hawái" topped the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart for nine weeks consecutively, giving Maluma his first number one hit on the chart.

Neymar and Maluma

What did Maluma said about Neymar and Barulich in the song?

In the song it was obvious that Maluma was reflecting on the past, with a line that suggests he still cared for the Model irregardless. He said “I know it’s going great but he’s not going to love you as I love you,”. This is actually to show Neymar can't be a great lover as he was to the model. The music video suggests as much as well as he was seen arguing and breaking up with his girlfriend, disrupting her wedding with another man and finally a plot twist. 

He was very direct with his lyrics, admitting the fact that he still loves the model and that she is pretending she is over him too.

Natalia Barulich

"Lie to all your followers

Tell them that things are better now

I don’t think you’ll ignore me when I call you

There won’t be any more lovers after me

We were one"

He later said the model was seen crying for him and that she should stop pretending to be fine that she is actually hurting herself. He dissed Neymar by telling him he was there before and telling him how they used to do it before breakfast. 

How did Neymar react to the song?

Neymar did not directly comment on the song but he and his PSG teammates were seen singing the song to celebrate a victory over German club RB Leipzig in the UEFA Champions League, which appears to be taunting Maluma. Maluma reacted by deleting his Instagram account which has about 52million followers as of that time that even his team didn't know what happened and questioned it asking what happened to Maluma's account.

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