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The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo hurt Manchester United although nobody expected it

The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United leaves much to talk about. However, not everything is positive since his return.

Cristiano Ronaldo against Leicester
Cristiano Ronaldo against Leicester

At 36 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to make people talk. He has five goals in five games for Manchester United and is once again the hero with his national team, Portufal. However, after today's game against Leicester, he continued to generate repercussions, since beyond his unquestionable category, he is doing damage to the team, despite being without his intention.

It is the law of football. We all want to play with and against the best. It is that for their own, playing with Cristiano Ronaldo is a peace of mind and a guarantee. Now, for outsiders, it is quite a challenge. Who does not want to beat the Portuguese star, under the watchful eye of the whole world?

All the reflectors point to 7. All the cameras follow closely. His teammates try to show him that they are up to the task of playing with him. And in that eagerness to show themselves capable, many times they end up being a failure. Outsiders want to keep the cover of the newspapers. Be above the highest star. And for that, they leave life in each ball, playing their matches as a final.

Today, without going any further, that happened. Leicester beat Manchester United 4-2, and took it away from the lead. If one analyzes the results that each team had, and the hierarchy that each one had in names, the result is hard to believe. However, judging by the merit, the victory of the locals was deserved.

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