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Super Bowl’s tribute to Lionel Messi that nobody saw: the comparison with Tom Brady and Michael Jordan

He is so amazing in soccer that even football gives him recognition. The Argentinian legend is among the top sportsmen ever.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

Who can deny that Lionel Messi is one of the greatest sports men ever in history? Absolutely nobody. He is famous in every single country of the world as probably nobody else. Now even the national football league or NFL has given him the recognition he deserves by attributes that very few people saw during the Super Bowl.

The Argentinian master was compared to Tom BradyMichael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky. Why? Because all them are among the ones who won the most important titles in their sports in repeated times. For example, Brady won his seventh Super Bowl last night after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers smashed the Kansas City Chiefs, led by NFL sensation Patrick Mahomes.

Messi, a GOAT

The official TV broadcast showed an overlay graph with the four legends, referring to them as ‘The four GOATs’. They mentioned Brady’s Super Bowls (six, since it was shown before the match started), Michael Jordan, with six NBA titles, Wayne Gretzky, with four NHL Stanley Cups and Lionel Messi, who has won four UEFA Champions League titles.

How many people can be that high in sport’s history? Very few. Possibly Lewis Hamilton and his seven Formula 1 world titles, or Jimmie Johnson, with equal number of championships won in NASCAR could have joined them. Still, Lionel Messi is recognized as what he is: one of the greatest and most-winning sportsmen of all time.

The comparison between Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Lionel Messi. (Photo:

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