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She's Miss Latin America and signed a professional contract as a footballer

The life story of Sasha Gigliani, who is now a professional gamer. 

By Fredi Roman

The life story of Sasha Gigliani, who is now a professional gamer. 
The life story of Sasha Gigliani, who is now a professional gamer. 
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With the inclusion of reinforcements Sasha Gigliani -former Vélez, although he did not play in the Primera C last season; and Miss Latin American Universal -; Julieta Alves, former Defensa y Justicia and a reference in the fight to improve the conditions of Argentine soccer players, and Jorgelina Riolfo, former Racing Club; Estudiantes presented their bona fide roster for the AFA Primera A championship that will begin this weekend. 

Three reinforcements that had arrived at the end of last year, will have action in this new contest: the goalkeeper Débora Erra, former Racing, Aylin Franzante, former Gimnasia, and Julieta Gergo, former Boca Juniors. Priscila Carreño, former Independent and with a past in Estudiantes, Karen Giménez, former Godoy Cruz, from Mendoza. and Candelaria Pagola, former UNLP, join the new faces of the La Plata team.

The life story of Sasha Gigliani

This history of overcoming began in Saladillo, a town that bases its economy on agriculture and livestock, like most of those that give life to the Province of Buenos Aires. There, almost 190 km from the Federal Capital, Sasha began to break the model in every way. She not only discovered and began to develop her love for the ball, but at the same time, she also did it as a model. Dissimilar worlds, but with thousands of prejudices that in the distance make them the same in this concept.

"I want to live my football career in important clubs, but yes, I would like to live the experience of going abroad. It's what I'm aiming for. During the pandemic the possibility arose, but they caught me by surprise. Another dream that I have, that one day Who tells you, is to be able to wear the blue and white. That's a dream that I will have for life. I work to get there", he told the media Infobae.

When did she start her as a model? "It started at the same time as football. But in reality what I do is Miss ... I mean, it's a kind of model, to call it somehow, but it's more comprehensive. Academic studies are important, carry a social project forward, because it is a more comprehensive beauty contest. It is not only beauty that matters but how you think and what you propose. I started in Saladillo, in my time the Queen of the city was elected, you went out to represent your city and it was not just to show yourself, Instead, you had to speak, say what you proposed, and that fascinated me. I played soccer and wanted more girls like me. At 17 I was Princess of my city, then Queen of the Province and then of the Nation. After all That's what Miss World arrived, which I found out on Facebook. There was Miss World and Miss Universe, which are two totally different contests. Miss World is looking for a woman who plans to change the world and Miss Universe is similar, but more aesthetic. I decided on Miss World and it was 6 years of competition, while guide training and training me as a footballer ... ", she sentenced.

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