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Sergio Ramos's diet: what are his allowed and the “prohibited” that drives him crazy

The Real Madrid player maintains a strict eating habit

Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos

A glorious Saturday for Sergio Ramos. Because after a long time away from the courts, I can go back to playing for Real Madrid after leaving an injury behind and he did it just before the rematch against Atalanta, for the knockout stages of the Champions League. And at 34, the captain of the Merengue shows that having good eating habits are vital to be able to compete in the elite.

Sergio Ramos's diet to be impeccable.

How does Sergio Ramos behave day by day?

He fasts three times a week, trains without breakfast, and then consumes a protein shake. And at lunch and dinner time, he alternates the salad with fish and meat. “You have to have a very important dietary balance supplement because in the end we are not robots, we are not machines. The body needs those nutrients that will give you better performance later”, he revealed.

Sergio Ramos's very strong-minded

To achieve the objectives it is essential to be mentally strong to avoid being tempted with prohibited foods, according to the 34-year-old defender: “It's your own will that fights and you have to say no. The truth is that it is screwed but in the end it is what is going to make you make a difference with the other who eats it. You have to say no and it's no”.

The "allowed" in the diet of Sergio Ramos

However, even Ramos himself gets carried away from time to time with some non-recommended edible. Thus, every 15 days he meets with a friend on Sunday for a snack with chocolate churros. Of course, then suppress dinner. “You live for and for your work and you suffer like a bastard both in the gym, in the cold water pool and eating. In the end, you have to know how to differentiate what it is to eat, what it is to enjoy, and to feed yourself. Eating is what your body needs, that's what you have to do. Feeding yourself is what your body needs to perform; eating is enjoyment”, differentiated the star from Casablanca.

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