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Sergio Agüero's wife: Who is Sofía Calzetti and her best photos

By Mauricio Saenz

Sergio Agüero's wife: Who is Sofía Calzetti and her best photos

Sergio Agüero signed a contract in Barcelona and his wife "stole" all the flashes

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This Monday wasn't another day in the life of Sergio Agüero. Kun signed his contract with Barcelona for the next two seasons, so he left Manchester City after ten years at the institution. He arrived at the Spanish club accompanied by his son, Benjamin, as well as his mother and his partner, Sofía Calzetti, who "stole" all the flashes. 

Who is Sofía Calzetti?

Sofía and Sergio met in March 2019 in the Buenos Aires disco 'Jet' and, although at the time the footballer wanted to allege that she was "a friend" and that he had known her since she was 12 years old, shortly after they made their romance official in the social media.

Both are 9 years apart. The young woman, 23, is considered one of the most beautiful and young models in Argentina. With 465,000 followers, the influencer has become even more known after her relationship with Kun, with whom she has been dating for two years and together with the one who lives in Manchester, a home that in the next few days they will leave to move to Barcelona.

An animal lover, Sofía is studying at the University, because one of her dreams to fulfill is to be a public hammer. In their free time, the couple usually have fun, travel and share their passion for luxury. Calzetti is used to going out to visit the city or simply going out to dinner in the company of her friends.


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