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Sergio Agüero will leave one of his passions to play with the Argentine National Team

By Mauricio Saenz

Sergio Agüero will leave one of his passions to play with the Argentine National Team

Kun Agüero made a drastic decision about his future

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With the arrival of the coronavirus and quarantines, Sergio Agüero showed a new facet that was unknown to many: that of streamer. Kun managed to go viral with his broadcasts on Twitch, either playing or chatting with other footballers or celebrities. The Manchester City forward, who played his last game at the Ethiad Stadium last weekend, usually turns on the camera to interact with his fans, but warned that this Tuesday's was the last in a long time. The reason for this' the criticism of the Argentine National Team.

The forward, who has everything ready to play in Barcelona next season, will join the training sessions with the Albiceleste ahead of the double knockout date and the Copa América to be held in the country. Knowing that the fans tend to punish soccer players excessively, he warned that he will not be present in the networks to focus on the Major's work.

"This' the last stream in several weeks. I don't think I have time. You know ... I prefer to be in Argentina focused. You want to see me, but there are people who if things go wrong start saying that I was fooling around. I prefer to be calm. , focus on training and games", launched the former Independiente player.

But the thing did not stop there: "We are in view of the smallest error. The smallest error we have, shakes you. Today everyone gets on the record horse. Today is 'how great Kun, incredible what he did', but then they kill you. The first thing they are going to say is that I'm streaming. Many still don't like it and I don't understand why".

Kun's release and annoyance continued. The top scorer in the history of City, who yesterday showed the shirt that they gave him in commemoration of the goal scored by QPR that his first Premier gave him, ruled that he prefers not to broadcast so as not to give rise to certain criticisms that may come.

"If it goes wrong, they say that I'm sitting all the time, that I don't train, that I stream. What does the stream have to watch? As if I were riding a motorcycle and I'm about to kill myself. If that were the case, okay, I'd say I'm an irresponsible. But I'm streaming, is there something wrong? As much as I don't listen to what they say, it comes to you through a friend or family and unconsciously it reaches you. I don't want to give them arguments", he closed.

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