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Sergio Aguero: how many trophies and individual awards did he win in his career?

Sergio Aguero is set to retire due to his heart problem. Let's see how many trophies and individual awards he won in his career.

Sergio Aguero
Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero is one of the best strikers of his generation and the greatest player in the history of Manchester City, one of the greatest in the history of the Premier League. He has been forced to retire due to cardiac arrhythmias.

Aguero made the switch from Manchester City to Barcelona after 10 years in England having previously played for Atletico Madrid in Spain. His start to life at Barcelona was disturbed by injury but when he began coming into the fold, the worst happened, a heart problem and he was forced to retire.

He has won 21 trophies in his career with Atletico Madrid, Manchester City and Argentina. He won the most trophies with Manchester City including five Premier League trophies but only missed out on the UEFA Champions League.

He has also won 22 individual awards in his career. He is one of the players to have won titles across multiple levels of the Argentina national team alongside Lionel Messi. He won the Premier League golden boot once but never the player of the year.

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