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Robert Lewandowski or Mohamed Salah: who has the better number and is the best in Europe this season?

Who has the better number and is best in Europe this season between Robert Lewandoski and Mohamed Salah? Let's see their numbers.

Mohamed Salah and Robert Lewandowski
Mohamed Salah and Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandoski and Mohamed Salah, both are inevitable. They are a dependable strike force that will always show up when the need calls for it. 

Their numbers in the 2021/2022 season have been amazing, both are intelligent and unavoidable goal scorers. They have been breaking records and will continue to break records, let's look at their numbers that earn them nomination for Ballon d'Or. 

Let's look at their numbers this season, Lewandoski has 25 goals contributions for Bayern Munich so far this season both in the German Bundesliga and UEFA Champions League while Salah has 22 goals contributions in the Premier League and Champions League for Liverpool. 

Lewandoski has scored 13 goals and an assist in just 11 matches for Bayern in the Bundesliga and has Eight goals and an assist in the Champions League. Salah on the other hand has 10 goals and seven assists in the Premier League and five goals in the Champions League for Liverpool. The duo are no doubt the best in Europe when it comes to scoring. There has been debate about who is the best between the duo which can only ball down to choice and preference. But going by numbers Lewandoski is clear of Salah. 

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