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Raúl Jiménez's impressive numbers in FIFA 2022

Raúl Jiménez has a better physique in FIFA 2022 than Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah, among other Premier League stars. He ranks fourth overall in the tournament.   

Raúl Jimenez
Raúl Jimenez

Despite being out for a very long time, after his collision with David Luiz last season. It is a surprise that Raul Jimenez now ranked fourth overall in Physique in the tournament that Consist of Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohammed Salah.

Raúl Jiménez FIFA 22 ratings

The center forward is rated 84 overall. Among his rating cards his physical score is something to interest you, he got 83 points for his physique. That's a lot for someone that's just getting it together. What makes it more interesting is that it is much more than that of fitness idol Cristiano Ronaldo and Liverpool playmaker Mohammed Salah who both have 75 physical ratings. 

He has really worked on his fitness after coming back from surgery of a fractured skull. He was a living miracle to have fully recovered from the injury. He collapsed with David Luiz during a game in November and was stretched out of the pitch to the hospital where he had emergency surgery for a major traumatic brain injury (TBI) and skull fracture. The 30 years old was out for 9 months and now back to his fitness. 

How did Raul Jimenez's injury happen?

Raul Jimenez had the whole football world in thoughts and prayer mood after going down looking lifeless in a Premier League match against Arsenal on November 29, 2020. He collided with Arsenal's Brazilian defender David Luiz and went down immediately. He was carried away from the stadium on oxygen and MRI scans showed a fractured skull, he had an immediate surgery and was out of action for nine months. There were a lot of uncertainty on when he would return to action but eventually did at the beginning of the season and scored his first goal against Southampton at the weekend.

Ronaldo and Salah overall rating

Ronaldo and Salah have a better overall rating of 91 and 89 respectively, better than Jimenez. They are behind Raúl in the physique rating. Ronaldo leads in the shooting category which is not a surprise. But his physical attributes have dropped as well as his stamina and speed. The Egyptian too has dropped on his physical rating and his shooting accuracy. 

Top 10 rated players on FIFA 22

Six time Ballon d'Or winner Lionel Messi leads the FIFA 22 ratings card with an overall rating of 93, closely followed in second place by current FIFA Best Player Robert Lewandowski who has a rating of 92. Five players have a rating of 91, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé, Kevin De Bruyne, Neymar Jr and the highest rated goalkeeper Jan Oblak of Atletico Madrid.

Lionel Messi - 93

Robert Lewandowski - 92

Cristiano Ronaldo - 91

Kylian Mbappe - 91

Kevin De Bruyne - 91

Neymar - 91

Jan Oblak - 91

Harry Kane - 90

N'golo Kante - 90

Manuel Neuer - 90

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