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Raúl Jiménez: 50 key days in his future with the Mexican National Team

The forward is in an extreme situation. 

The forward is in an extreme situation. 
The forward is in an extreme situation. 

Wolverhampton Wanderers striker Raúl Jiménez, who suffered a skull injury from which he is still recovering, will not participate with the Mexican National Team led by coach Gerardo Martino, ahead of the European tour to face Wales and Costa Rica, however , There's the possibility that you will attend the Gold Cup or Olympic Games in summer and it will depend on the activity you have with your team in the next 50 days.

"You have to think that there is little time for the Final Four and much more time to think about the Olympic Games or the Gold Cup; everything is focused on what happens with his team in the next 50 days", said Gerardo Martino, coach of the Mexican National Team, prior to the game against the representative of Wales, in Cardiff.

The Mexican attacker, focused on El Tri despite the fact that he will not play, will end his current call once his teammates travel to Austria to play against Costa Rica, in the second game of the Europe tour. The attacker will return with his club, looking to return to the courts, after receiving a blow to the head, which caused a subsequent hospitalization and surgery.

“Raúl's fine, he trains normally; As he did not start training with contacts at his club, he didn't do it with us either, he feels well and is physically well, what remains is to see when his club decides to put him on the field and we define”, concluded Gerardo Martino.

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