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Rafa Marquez black list: these are the other players involved in drug trafficking

El Tri legend Rafael Márquez was blacklisted from the US Treasury Department blacklist after four years for alleged ties to drug trafficking, who are the other players to be linked to drug trafficking.

Rafael Márquez
Rafael Márquez

After being accused of involvement in drug trafficking and blacklisted by the US Department of Treasury four years ago and recently removed from the black list Rafael Marquez was acquitted on September 22,2021. He's now free to continue his normal life but will still surface in news as been blacklisted for allegedly being involved in drug trafficking. Who are the other footballers allegedly involved with drug trafficking?

Jhon Viafara

The ex-premier league player was arrested for drug trafficking charges in 2019. The Colombian Midfielder who played for Portsmouth was given an extradition order. In 2020, he was extradited to the United States to face charges of drug trafficking. He was convicted and sentenced to 11 years in U.S. federal prison. He was said to belong to the Clan del Golfo cartel where he uses aliases such as He used the aliases "Futbolista" (Footballer), "Goleador" (Goalscorer) and "Makelele". He was identified by the Drug Enforcement Administration in 2017, based on intelligence shared with Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica. He was sentenced in March 2021.

René Higuita

Legendary Colombian goalkeeper was charged with kidnapping and drug trafficking. Nicknamed El Loco ( The Madman) for his scorpion kick save and his dramatic display. He was said to be associated with drug lord Pablo Escobar after he was arrested for involvement in kidnapping in 1993, for which he received $64,000 and missed the 1994 FIFA World Cup because of his imprisonment.


The Brazilian star was accused of involvement in drug trafficking in 2010 though was discharged for lack of evidence in 2014. He was said to have bought a powerbike in 2008 and registered it in the name of the mother of a known drug dealer Paulo Rogerio de Suza Paz, named Mica.

Daniel Gómez

The Tijuana player was arrested when trying to smuggle more than 50 pounds of methamphetamines into the United States in 2017. The meth was found in a spare tyre in his car but he claimed to have rented it out for three months and just got it back.

Omar Ortiz

The former Mexican player nicknamed "El Gato" for his feline look faked his own kidnap and was later confirmed to belong to a kidnapping gang Cartel del Golfo. He admitted to being involved in the kidnapping of two rich people; his job for the cartel is to select people from his circle. He was found guilty of at least three kidnappings and was sentenced to 75 years in prison on 8 January 2019.

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