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Neymar is the true star who pulls the strings of PSG and makes his teammates play

Neymar is one of the great stars of PSG, and the main person responsible for the good moment his team is going through. When it is not there, it is felt. When it is, it makes a difference.


PSG reported a few days ago that Neymar Jr. would not be part of the team in the match against Leipzig due to a minor injury, so he will be unemployed for several days. Without him, their 10th, the French faced a momentous duel that allowed them to win the top of Group A in the Champions League, where Bruges and Manchester City are also present.

As detailed by PSG in its statement, Neymar "suffers from pain in the adductors since he returned from the national team and will need to extend a period of treatment for a few days before returning to normal with the squad". It is true, PSG could get the three points, but it was not easy for them to achieve it.

In names, it has the dream team. Is that, if one analyzes the starting 11, no team in the rest of the world would have anything to do against them. However, they still do not mesh as a team, but they are 11 individuals. Among them, the three musketeers stand out: Neymar, Mbappé and Messi.

Each one gives their team something different. Kylian Mbappé, is speed, skill and goal. Lionel Messi, is brain, quality, and experience. Neymar is a bit of everything. Promise of latent danger in the rival area, by dint of dribbling, skill, and skills of all kinds. When he is away, his team feels it more than the others.

Alexis Almosnino

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