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Neymar exploded: Mauricio Pochettino wants to axe his best friend from PSG

The coach has not even been confirmed at the Parisian side yet, but it is said that he will axe Neymar’s greatest friend.  

Problems between Mauricio Pochettino and Neymar.
Problems between Mauricio Pochettino and Neymar.

Neymar arrived to Paris Saint-Germain on August 2017, when FC Barcelona decided to sold him in a transfer made for $225 million, being the most expensive one in soccer history. Since then, the Brazilian idol transformed himself into the owner of PSG, as he was the captain and the main player whom everyone respected and followed.

It is even said that Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president from PSG, asks Ney every time he is looking forward to signing a player to see what he thinks about it. One of the greatest companions from the attacker at PSG has been Leandro Paredes. The Argentinian joined on January 2019 from Zenit and formed a great relationship with Neymar.

Both South American spend a lot of hours together, and it is common to see them bothering others or listening music together in every video filtered from inside the locker room. Lately, Thomas Tuchel was kicked from PSG, and it is now rumored that Mauricio Pochettino will be his replacement.

The Argentinian coach is set to join and international press reports that he has already gave his word to sport advisers from the club. But the problems have already arrived as Pochettino considers that Paredes needs to be axed, to leave place for players such as Christian Eriksen or Dele Alli, and Neymar could then lose his great companion.

Neymar and Leandro Paredes have a great relationship.

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