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Neymar earns more in sponsorships than the salary of the best paid footballer in Liga MX: How much does he get from Puma?

Neymar is one of the richest footballers in the world, although not all his fortune is made by playing on the field of play. In addition, you earn an impossible figure to imagine for sponsorships.


Throughout his career, Neymar had been one of the main athletes sponsored by the Nike brand, but this relationship has come to an end with the Brazilian signing with Puma, which offered a juicy contract to keep the soccer star.

Neymar was the image of Nike since 2005 when he was just 13 years old, but he was already shining in the lower divisions of Santos. This relationship lasted until he was 28 years old, when the player decided to seek a new direction with the German brand. In order to break the agreement that linked Neymar with Nike until 2022, in 2011 he signed in exchange for more than 12 million euros, the new brand that sponsors the Brazilian took a leap in quality and incorporated one of the top figures of world soccer.

Puma offered 25 million euros. Although these contracts are usually also tied to sporting results, if the player does not win titles or awards, he may have less than he would have expected. The people at Puma also confirmed the incorporation of Neymar through their social networks with a photograph of the soccer player and the message, "Welcome to the family, Neymar #KingIsBack." "Neymar will participate in future soccer campaigns. He is a brand ambassador on and off the field."

If you compare them, Florian Thauvin is the best paid footballer in the entire Liga MX. However, the economic differences are alarming. Thauvin receives about 6 million dollars gross annually.

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