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Messi's new contract 2021 with Barcelona: how much money he will earns?

By Juan Angel Aiesi

Messi's new contract 2021 with Barcelona: how much money he will earns?

Leo Messi's salary reduction to renew his contract sets a new framework for negotiations. The Argentine player has accepted a 50% salary reduction and creates a precedent

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Leo Messi and Barcelona have reached an agreement in principle on Tuesday to renew his contract for five years and to reduce the player's salary by 50%. This reduction will make it possible for Barça to better fit Leo Messi within the salary cap set by La Liga, which has been reduced by the drop in revenue this past season.


This operation also offers a new negotiating framework for future contracts that the Barcelona club has to lower in order to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together. Thus, players with high and in some cases disproportionate salaries will have to follow Messi's example to adapt their fees to the new reality of FC Barcelona.



The scenario, then, invites optimism after a time of concern and uncertainty. Players such as Busquets, Jordi Alba, Sergi Roberto and Griezmann, if they continue to play for FC Barcelona, will have to renegotiate their contract downwards in order to remain with the team.



Tied to FC Barcelona

Messi, with the contract that Barça has offered him for five seasons, will cease to be a free agent and will return to the azulgrana discipline, to which he was linked with the first professional contract he signed, in June 2005 and which became obsolete in September of the same year after he won the Under-21 World Cup with Argentina in Holland.



Since then, the Argentine crack has been renewing with FC Barcelona and in each adaptation he saw his salary increase: 2007, 2009. 2013, 2014 y 2017. Salary, by the way, according to his spectacular performance, which on most occasions was accompanied by collective and individual titles.

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