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Messi: who is the best Mexican friend of the FC Barcelona star?

Lionel Messi shared in FC Barcelona with many players but he does not follow all of them on Instagram and that gives an indication of who is Messi's best Mexican friend.

Mexican players with Lionel Messi
Mexican players with Lionel Messi

Throughout his entire sports career, Lionel Messi has played with many players but some have been more important than others. Lionel Messi at FC Barcelona played with different players throughout his sports career but few of them appear on Messi's friends list on Instagram.

Lionel Messi is one of the athletes with the most followers on Instagram and that makes him a person who can influence the rest. The big difference is between the number of people who follow Lionel Messi and the people that Lionel Messi follows. Lionel Messi has a total of 172 million followers but follows only 234 people.

Among the 234 people that Lionel Messi follows is neither Rafael Marquez nor Christian Gimenez. Although Christian Gimenez was born in Argentina, then he became a naturalized Mexican and had a great step for the Mexican team. Lionel Messi and Christian Gimenez know each other from when the two were younger and were together in the Argentine team. Even so, Christian Gimenez is not on Lionel Messi's friends list.

Jonathan Dos Santos and Giovanni Dos Santos also shared many moments with Lionel Messi when they were at FC Barcelona. Unfortunately for Giovanni Dos Santos, Lionel Messi does not consider him important enough to have him on his Instagram friends list, but Jonathan does.

The difference between Jonathan Dos Santos and Gio Dos Santos is that the youngest of the Dos Santos coincided at different moments of his training at FC Barcelona with Lionel Messi. Jonathan Dos Santos is the only Mexican who appears on Lionel Messi's friends list but that does not mean that the FC Barcelona player does not have an appreciation for the rest.

The day Lionel Messi and Jonathan Dos Santos shared a commercial:

In 2005, the Nike brand launched a commercial about the promises of FC Barcelona that I called “remember my name” and the protagonists were young promises of the club. Both Lionel Messi and Jonathan Dos Santos were present in that commercial. The future of both was very different since Lionel Messi continues in FC Barcelona and Dos Santos is in LA Galaxy.

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