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Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo: the list of the 5 stars who had health problems

Some interesting cases about players who overcame their illness and returned to the court stronger than before. 

Ronaldo Nazario
Ronaldo Nazario

Some interesting cases about players who overcame their illness and returned to the court stronger than before, demonstrating their strength to move forward in any situation.

Saúl Ñíguez

The former goalkeeper of the Argentine national team, Mono Burgos confessed through the media that the player Ñiguez from Atletico de Madrid, was close to removing a kidney due to a normal match clash. However, the second coach convinced him not to do the operation. Currently the player is fully recovered and playing.

Jesus Navas

The attacker has returned to finish his career at Sevilla, after his long stint at Manchester City. Navas, went through emotional problems when he went up to the first team, as he suffered anxiety every time there was an away game. This made him miss some games with the English team. Finally, the player was able to overcome those anxiety problems and ended up signing for Manchester City.

Yeray Álvarez

The situation of the central defender of Atletic del Bilbao has been a great example of overcoming, as he was diagnosed with testicular cancer so he had to leave football in order to recover, once he recovered he returned to the fields, however he had a relapse and now after the treatment the club has announced that the player is fully cured.

Leo Messi

It is the best known story of all, the Argentine had a problem in his adolescence. Suffering from the growth hormone problem, which prevented him from developing normally. Although in Barça they saw his talent on the field and decided to pay for the treatment.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Real Madrid striker had to undergo heart surgery at the age of 15, as he suffered from a type of arithmia, where they had a faster beat rate than normal when doing physical exercise, which could have caused him more severe heart problems, do not have made the surgery.

Ronaldo Nazario

The Brazilian striker suffers from hypothyroidism, a disorder that slows down the metabolism, so the person who suffers it tends to gain weight. The problem was that to control it, Ronaldo had to take hormones that are not allowed in football. The Brazilian spent several seasons struggling with this problem until he ended up retiring at the age of 34.

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