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Memo Ochoa on penalties: saves, effectiveness and goals

By Mauricio Saenz

Memo Ochoa on penalties: saves, effectiveness and goals

Guillermo Ochoa was once again the savior of the Mexican National Team

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Penalties can make the difference between qualifying or being out in a tournament. Luckily for the Mexican National Team and America, they have a goalkeeper like Guillermo Ochoa who is a specialist in this area.

The Águilas goalkeeper was the hero of the penalty shoot-out between Mexico and Costa Rica, blocking the final shot that gave Tri its pass to the grand final of the Concacaf Nations League. Thanks to Opta's technology, we have reviewed how he fared on the penalties that Ochoa faced throughout his career both at the club level and at the national representative level.

Throughout his career, Memo Ochoa was executed 69 penalties, where he scored 56 goals and saved 13, for which he has an 18.8% ERA, a highly respected number for his position. In the individual breakdown, in the Mexican National Team they kicked him nine times, saved three and converted six.

At the club level, in America it was where he was kicked the most penalties, but where he had less effectiveness when it came to stopping them: of 35 times he was in that situation, they converted 32 and he only saved 3, which makes a 0.08% effective.

Then, in Ajaccio, out of 13 shots they scored 11; In Granada it is where he did best since he has a 50% effective record (2 and 2), while in Standard, with 8 shots, five were goals and three were deflected.

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