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Mauro Icardi and Wanda reconcile? See the beautiful message she sent to him on Instagram

Mauro Icardi and his wife Wanda Nara appear to have reconciled after their recent marital problem which went viral on social media.  

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara
Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara

PSG striker Mauro Icardi and his wife Wanda Nara were in the news not for the best reason they would have wanted last week after news of their separation came to light due to an alleged infidelity from the striker. The issue led to divorce but possibly the couple are having a rethink.

Icardi was given two days off by PSG but was reportedly sanctioned by the club after returning and failing to turn up during the match against RB Leipzig. Despite the situation, the couples have been posting each other's pictures on Instagram and showing love and bringing back memories.

Wanda Nara has now taken to Instagram to share an emotional message to Icardi which suggests a rethink of her previous decision of a divorce. Wanda wrote about Icardi's stance on wanting a divorce which the striker was against until he had no choice. She also revealed the text from the striker that gave her a rethink.

"I gave you everything and you have everything, I hope you can be happy because that would make me happy". Icardi's text as revealed by Wanda. "And there I realized something: having everything I do not have nothing if I'm not with him." Wanda Nara stated her reaction to the message.


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