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Manchester United will make millions from special shirt Cristiano Ronaldo wore against Villareal

Cristiano Ronaldo debuted a new long-sleeved version of the Manchester United jersey In the win against Villareal. Fans can now buy the new, special jersey from the stores.

Cristiano Ronaldo wore a new special long-sleeved Manchester United jersey against Villareal
Cristiano Ronaldo wore a new special long-sleeved Manchester United jersey against Villareal

Manchester United has continued to cash in on Cristiano Ronaldo's popularity and marketability by using the star's image to launch new products and make more money. In their Matchday 2 of the UEFA Champions League group stage match against Villarreal, Cristiano Ronaldo wore a special long-sleeved version of the United jersey. This was the first time the jersey would be won by any player and it was a perfect marketing ploy by the English side as they leveraged Cristiano Ronaldo's popularity to launch the new shirt. Manchester United also played on the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo broke the record for shirts sold when he rejoined the club. 

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the winning goal against Villareal in the 94th minute

What is Manchester United's new long-sleeved jersey and where can you buy it? 

During the match against, Villarreal, Cristiano Ronaldo was seen sporting a different jersey from the other United players. While the remaining 9 outfield players who short-sleeved shirts, the 5-time Ballon d'Or winner wore a special long-sleeved version of the United jersey. Ronaldo wore the special, new jersey for the duration of the match wherein he scored the winning goal in the 94th minute from a Jesse Lingard pass. 

After the match, Manchester United revealed on their website that fans can now buy replicas of the long-sleeved jersey that Cristiano Ronaldo wore against Villarreal. The new jerseys can be bought in the physical stores and the online stores too for Manchester United. The special long-sleeved jersey version will also be available for the 2nd and 3rd kits of United for the season and also for all the players at the club with their respective squad numbers. The jersey will cost about £100 per one.

The new long-sleeved jersey Cristiano Ronaldo wore against Villareal

Cristiano Ronaldo record for jersey shirts sold

Cristiano Ronaldo's move back to Manchester United has been a huge success for the club, especially on the commercial side with millions of pounds already made. When Cristiano Ronaldo rejoined United from Juventus, the club made sure that he would regain his iconic No 7 shirt to continue the legacy of CR7. Thus, Edinson Cavani gave up the No 7 previously assigned to him to pick up the No 23 vacated by Daniel James. 

The CR7 shirt has been a huge commercial success for Manchester United as it broke the record for the most sales of any shirt within the first hour with over 1 million sales from both physical stores and online platforms. Before the shirt went on sale, the Queen of England had also requested that the first CR7 shirt to be printed should be sent to the Palace, personally autographed by Cristiano Ronaldo. Manchester United will hope to make more millions from the launch of this new, special long-sleeved jersey modelled by Cristiano Ronaldo.

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