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Manchester United fans joined Cristiano Ronaldo's iconic celebration after his brace against Newcastle

Cristiano Ronaldo has us all used to his typical celebration in the celebration of his goals. However, today was the first time he was able to do it at Old Trafford.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro's iconic SIIIIIIUUU celebration arose when El Bicho played for Real Madrid (in a match against Chelsea in 2013). Because of this, for nearly a decade, Manchester United fans had to watch their idol do it from a distance.

This September 11, 2021, Los Red Devils fans were finally able to accompany CR7 making their legendary celebration. Look at the video that the media people of the English entity shared. Spectacular how Old Trafford vibrates and how, at the same time as Cris, the fans of the club that has been champion in England the most times shout SIIIIIIUUUU.

Cristiano Ronaldo deserved a glorious return. And Manchester United fans deserved to enjoy this predatory and insatiable version of the Batipibe. It's time to continue enjoying, Undefeated. Monsters of the Lusitanian Captain category can / should only be enjoyed.

Cristiano Ronaldo only needed 45 + 2 'minutes to convert his first goal since returning to Manchester United, and only required 62 minutes to sign his first double after returning to England. Film presentation.

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