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Lukaku opened Inter's victory with an impressive record

From the dressing room: Lukaku opened the scoring against Genoa at 32 seconds of play

Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku

Inter put direct row to the 'Scudetto'. Antonio Conte insisted on the importance of 'making good' the victory in the derby against Milan in the next two games. They already have the first in their pocket. The 'neroazzurri' have defeated Genoa 3- 0 with goals from Romelu Lukaku, Matteo Darmian and Alexis Sánchez, and they are more pointers than ever in Serie A, the highest division of Italian football.

With this victory, he achieved a difference of 6 points over his follower, Milan, and 10 points over Juventus and Atalanta, just 14 games from the end of the championship. With today's victory, Inter adds a total of 60 goals, which makes it, in addition to being an outstanding leader, the highest-scoring team and the second-lowest-scoring team (24) of the tournament. And how could it be otherwise, the 'MVP' of the Milan team was, once again, Romelu Lukaku, since the Belgian participated in all three goals: he scored the first, assisted in the second and had a great impact on the third.

His presence imposes. Having him on your side is a privilege, and a promise of goal, and it can be a nightmare for those who have to face him. So much so, that today he needed just 32 seconds to stamp his name on the match plate, and in the current history of Inter, because his goal today became the fastest in the history of the Milanese team. In this way, he received from Lautaro Martínez and, after a pure power start, as he is accustomed to, he got away from Zapata to beat Perin with a shot with his right hand, his bad leg.

It should be noted that, in this way, the former Manchester United closed the gap, with Cristiano Ronaldo in the fight for the title of 'Capocannoniere', that is, the top scorer of the tournament. However, the advantage is still held by the Portuguese, with 19 goals, compared to 18 of Lukaku. 

The fastest goal in history in European leagues

Although Lukaku's goal, and the speed with which it was converted, represent a milestone in itself, we must cross the path, and land on his greatest historical rival, Milan, who holds the record for the fastest goal of the season. history of the European leagues. In this way, Rafael Leao became on December 20, the footballer to score the fastest goal on record. It was like this, that it took just 6.7 seconds to take the credit, which meant the victory of the rossonegro team by 2 to 1 against Sassuolo.. 

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