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Los Angeles Galaxy made a decision about Cristian Pavón

The forward returned to Boca Juniors after finishing the loan; He goes back to the California institution?  

Los Angeles Galaxy made a decision about Cristian Pavón.
Los Angeles Galaxy made a decision about Cristian Pavón.

On April 16, MLS will have its premiere in the 2021 season, which is why all the franchises that compete in the tournament have already started training so that their players are in optimal physical condition. But even though the practices have already begun, the incorporations continue at a steady pace. In that sense, in the last hours, the Los Angeles Galaxy made a decision regarding the immediate future of Cristian Pavón.

Pavón isn't having a good time at all. On the one hand, in sports, he underwent surgery in the last weeks for an ankle injury, which is why he will be away from high competition for several months. But also personally, since he must give a statement at the end of March for a cause that has him accused of sexual abuse. "He's very affected by everything that's happening to him, emotionally and mentally he's very bad", they comment from the environment of the player born in Córdoba.

Pavón's loan with the LA Galaxy ran out last December. And although they tried to extend the link, the purchase option that Boca Juniors gave it was too high for the Californian institution. For this reason, he returned to the Argentine club to train with Miguel Ángel Russo. In this context, with the proximity of the new MLS season and taking into account that it isn't a priority in Xeneize, the Galaxy contacted his agent again to hire him at a much lower value.

LA Galaxy hired a player in his position

But when everything suggested that the paths of the Galaxy and Pavón were rejoining, the Californian franchise announced the signing of Samuel Grandsir, one of the young promises of French football who has just shined in Monaco. With this hiring, LA Galaxy made the decision to get out of the negotiations for Pavón, who will continue to be marginalized in Boca Juniors and recovering from the operation.

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