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Lionel Messi's impressive prediction of the record he stole from Pele

The Argentinian overcome the record from the Brazilian and this is how he anticipated it many years ago.

Lionel Messi y Pelé
Lionel Messi y Pelé

On 2006 Lionel Messi was just a youngster who had made his professional debut at FC Barcelona and hoped to make the best career as possible, ignoring that he was going to be one of the greatest soccer players ever, not to say the best. But after many years since then, everything that the Argentinian showed in his first presentations was rectified later.

On that same year, Messi recorded a commercial in which he was asked to write soccer history, and he wrote the number 644. That reference implied a wink to Pele and the historical record that the Brazilian had at Santos, being the player who scored the biggest number of goals for a single club.

On December 2020, against Real Valladolid, Messi was able to score his goal number 644 and what appeared to be a simple game ended as a premonition. Those three numbers that the no. 10 wrote on a board were effectively the amount that he was going to reach 14 years later.

After breaking the record from Pele, Messi hasn’t yet defined what he will be doing on the future. There are several chances of him moving to another club, as that was what he expressed and wanted to do during the last summer. With his contract expiring on June 2021, he could be doing so and Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City are the place where he could go to.


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