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Lionel Messi's awkward moment with an Ecuadorian fan who jumped onto the field and took a picture with him

Lionel Messi looks uncomfortable in the picture.

The fan upset Messi for the way he took it.
The fan upset Messi for the way he took it.

It is impossible to measure what Lionel Messi generates in the fans. Fans go crazy for the Rosarino and not only in Argentina, but in every corner of the planet where there are always fans desperate to be close to him, take a picture, get his autograph or keep some of his clothes with which he plays every game. 

In several situations, there were fans who jumped onto the field to try to have a moment with Messi, but what he experienced in Ecuador generated a lot of discomfort for the player, because the fan sought to get close to the crack against all odds.

At the end of the 1-1 draw between Argentina and Ecuador in Guayaquil, corresponding to the last date of the South American qualifiers, a local fan entered the field with the aim of taking a picture with Lionel Messi and, although he succeeded, the captain of the Albiceleste national team had to react to such an outburst from the fan.

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In a video that went viral through social networks, the fan can be seen running across the field saying: "Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi, a photo, a photo, I come from the United States".

Faced with the man's vehemence, the Paris Saint-Germain player had to ask him to calm down a bit and expressed some discomfort: "Stop, stop, stop". It can be seen that the fan in question grabbed him too hard by the neck to get him closer to the selfie he wanted to take with Messi.

Who was the fan?

On the social network Tik Tok, another fan uploaded how the story continued, as the fan who almost choked Messi to get a photo, ran away to be caught by the private security of the stadium. It can be seen in the video that they had to follow him for several seconds around the field until they caught up with him and knocked him down.

A while later, it became known that the boy in question was Jossué Garzón, who has lived in the United States since 2011, and who went to Guayaquil especially to be able to see Messi. 

On Instagram, he made the following post: "You only live once, and once is enough for me because I met the best player in history. My dear @leomessi, thank you for so many moments of happiness that you have given me in these years with your beautiful soccer. I love you and this beautiful sport," the fan wrote.

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