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Lionel Messi: who is the Barcelona’s star bodyguard, photos and videos

The Argentinian legend has his back well protected with the man who follows him everywhere he goes.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

It is not easy to be a soccer superstar. Argentina’s Lionel Messi is largely considered the best player in history, already on top of his defunct countryman Diego Maradona and Brazilian legend Pelé. As such, if you are him, you must be protected 24 hours a day. Yourself, and your family too. And certainly, Messi is well protected.

We are going to get deep into the life of Pepe Costa Moix, also known as Messi’s shadow. We say so because he is the closest bodyguard of the Argentinian star. We are used to see some security people who are all the time, but as for this man, it’s quite different. He uses to show a contrast between his huge body and a smiling face.

Pepe Costa protecting Messi

He can be seen next to Messi when arriving or leaving an airport, watching a game in the box, in a training session for Barcelona or for Argentina’s national team, or in any public moment Lionel Messi is involved in. He was a former player, raised in La Masía, and later wore the shirt of Murcia. His good relationship with former Barcelona’s president Sandro Rosell allowed him to work in the club after retiring.

Pepe Costa and his wife.

When Rosell became vicepresident for Joan Laporta in 2003, he brought Costa to command the ‘Player Care’s office”, a sort of ‘ask for whatever you want’, organizing player’s daily life and special attentions. But for some reason he built a very friendly relationship with Lionel Messi in particular, who was then still playing for the second team.

Joining Messi and Javier Mascherano

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