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Lionel Messi told what's his favorite food and surprised everyone

By Mauricio Saenz

Lionel Messi told what's his favorite food and surprised everyone

Lionel Messi revealed intimacies of his life and told what happened to him when he was a boy and had to travel from Rosario to Barcelona

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A different Lionel Messi, as he has never been seen before. The Barcelona player, who hasn't yet renewed his contract with the entity and this Saturday will not play against Eibar for the last date of La Liga since he asked coach Ronald Koeman to rest to get to the Copa América in the best possible way, toasted an interview with an Argentine media in which he told what his favorite food's and his answer surprised everyone. But it wasn't the only thing he said, since he also spoke about his passions for another sport that isn't football and about the changes of look that he makes.

"I think it's because of the sauce that he puts on top. I've eaten many milanesas, very good, but it may be that it was the one I always ate at my house and that of the sauce. Others tried them and said they were really good...", said the player in statements to the Argentine newspaper Olé about what's his favorite food.

At his time, Messi said that he likes to play paddle tennis. "I like tennis, paddle tennis, and I like to play paddle tennis, I just spend it, ha. I play with Pepe as a partner, and he plays well, but I run and he adds quality. It isn't that we play a lot because we've a game every three days but I like it", he said.

Regarding the use of the beard, the Barcelona forward commented that "it was that I had been shaving for a long time, I was with Gillette and they told me to be shaved, and for a long time. And when I had no more Gillette I said 'that's it'. I think which was in the 2016 America's Cup in the United States ... there were several bearded men. I kept staying and I left it, madness grabs me there and I take it off, the same my hair, I cut myself short or I left myself long ... ".

Finally, he remembered that when he was a boy he cried when he had to leave Rosario to return to Barcelona. "Always going back to Barcelona was crying, like not wanting to go but at the same time wanting to continue doing my thing. I have lost many friends from before, communication was difficult before, today any 13 ... 14-year-old person has a telephone, before no. For a while I was talking on the phone for an hour ... put him on, but then as time went by it was difficult to keep them", he concluded.

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