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Lionel Messi is no longer the king, if not one more of the team: Strategist and fighter in the Argentine attack

Dressed as a pitcher, the captain initiated a good part of the dangerous situations of the Argentine team. And he also put on the team shirt, when defending.  

Lionel Messi against Paraguay
Lionel Messi against Paraguay

This Lionel Messi who breaks borders, who is admired by opponents, idolized by rival fans, cheered on any field in South America, also battles, also dribbles in the mud, also defends. In a night in which the goal was not given, it will be necessary to score that play at 26 of the first half, when De Paul lost it dangerously and the one who rescued him was not Paredes, or Cuti Romero, or Otamendi.

His bodyguard was none other than the Argentine captain, who cut in front of Almirón, came out of the background and saved the drawn Martinez bow from all risks, as a center back job or, rather, with the soul of an off-road vehicle.

Indeed, this Messi, more leader than ever, was a kind of 4x4 in Asunción. Even the Guarani friction was banked, between Gómez and Villasanti they cut it down more than once.

The 10 was spicy in attack, but supportive to position himself and astute to understand where the game was going. On offense and on defense. It is not news that Lionel Messi has matured in this time to the point of being a more complete, more comprehensive, more global player. And perhaps his commitment to the jersey in particular and to this team in general motivates him to make other sacrifices, new offerings.

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