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Lionel Messi has Pep Guardiola as a son

Pep Guardiola-Lionel Messi. Together they were the perfect marriage. Mutual affection and admiration. Once separated, respect was maintained, but the man of her dreams turned into a nightmare for the coach. 

Lionel Messi first goal at PSG
Lionel Messi first goal at PSG

Leo's career began professionally in 2004, when Pep was going through the final stretch of his in Mexico. Life and football only brought them together on June 17, 2008, when Guardiola took over as Barcelona coach, replacing Frank Rijkaard. 

The DT confessed that already in the first preseason in Scotland he thought, "with this guy we won everything.” And he was not wrong. In four shared seasons, they won 14 titles (2 UEFA Champions League, 3 Leagues, 2 King's Cups, 3 Super Cups of Spain, 2 UEFA Super Cups and 2 Club World Cups). The first year ended with a triplet and they got the historic sextet in 2009/10.

That Barcelona led by Guardiola and starring Messi, of course, surrounded by other stars such as Xavi Hernández and Andrés Iniesta, became what many consider the best team in history. It was the most successful three years, 10 months and 18 days of their careers. In which both claim to have helped each other grow. Perhaps there would not have been such a successful Pep Guardiola without his Lionel Messi, nor such a wonderful Messi without his bundle of swords on the bench.

Lionel Messi and Pep Guardiola

Lionel Messi: From the dream to the nightmare of Pep Guardiola

Since the Barcelona coach's departure, he has faced Lionel Messi on five occasions. The first of them, with Bayern Munich, in the fall by 3 to 0, with that remembered play in which Leo Messi left Jerome Boateng lying on the floor. In the return, the Germans could do nothing, and Messi beat his teacher in his first heads-up.

In the second great confrontation, the Argentine defeated Pep Guardiola again, with a resounding 7 to 1 that left the English out of the maximum competition in Europe.

Today, meanwhile, he converted his first goal with the PSG shirt, in a resounding victory, again against one of the most important personalities for him in the world of football.

Lionel Messi against Pep Guardiola

Lionel Messi vs Pep Guardiola: All their matches

May 6, 2015: Barcelona 3 - 0 Bayern Munich

May 12, 2015: Bayern Munich 3 - 2 Barcelona

October 19, 2016: Barcelona 4 - 0 Manchester City

November 1, 2016: Manchester City 3 - 1 Barcelona

September 28, 2021: Paris Saint Germain 2 - 0 Manchester City 

Lionel Messi: First goal at PSG

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