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Lionel Messi and Antonella shine in Miami and cause a furor in networks

By Alexis Almosnino

Lionel Messi and Antonella shine in Miami and cause a furor in networks

The Argentine star continues to enjoy a few days off in Miami after winning the Copa América and waiting to resolve his future with FC Barcelona.

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Lionel Messi is happier than ever after winning the Copa América, the first great title with the Argentine national team. The genius of Rosario searched for years for glory with his country until finally it was given to him and nothing less than in the house of Brazil, his lifelong rival. After the sporting success, the 34-year-old soccer player began to enjoy the holidays with his children, wife and other relatives in Miami, United States. It is precisely that place where the former Barcelona captain and Antonela Roccuzzo showed off and shared it with all their Instagram followers.

'On the 10th' he posted a couple of stories. In the first, he walks with Antonela Rocuzzo with a song from 'Los Cafres' in the background and in the other, they appear embraced. It didn't take long for Lionel Messi's post to go viral on Instagram. Hundreds of comments highlighted the great love that unites the Argentine couple, who these days relax in exclusive places in the state of Florida.

As has been shown, Messi continues to enjoy a few days off before flying to Barcelona to define his future. The latest information indicates that there is already a principle of agreement for the footballer to renew until June 2026. The attacker would have accepted a 50% reduction in his salary to continue at the club. It should be remembered that Lionel Messi ended his contract with Barça on June 30. Although he has been a free agent for more than 15 days, in Rosario's environment there is confidence to see him dressed as a Barça player again.

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