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Lionel Messi: With his salary at PSG, he earns more than any NBA player

The Argentine forward signs until 2023 and will have an optional extra season. Leo Messi will be the one who collects the most money from Paris Sain Germain.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi will play for PSG for the next two seasons after leaving FC Barcelona. His relationship with the French team is until 2023, although it is possible to sign one more optional season. The contract is not better than the one he had as a member of the Barça squad, but he will continue to be the player with the highest salary in the world.

Messi received in the Catalan club a base salary of about 70 million euros per year, to which had to be added bonuses and other income that have left the Blaugrana accounts very touched. However, the last renewal offer accepted included a 50% reduction, so it would have been around 35-40 million euros of salary that LaLiga has not allowed either.

In Paris Saint Germain, he is placed as number one on the salary scale with between 35 and 40 million euros per year. His great competitor will be Neymar, so far the highest paid player in the squad with approximately 36 million euros. Mbappé, the other star of the team and who may have his bags packed towards Madrid, was less than 25 'kilos' per season.

The annual salary that Lionel Messi will receive will be 37,000,000 fixed euros, plus another 13,000,000 in bonuses for objectives achieved. In addition, he will receive money for the exploitation of his image, a bonus of 50,000,000 for the signing of the contract and Jorge, his father and representative, will take 15,000,000 commission.

With all these numbers, which for many may be ridiculous, and they are, Lionel Messi not only stands out in the football environment for his salary, but also that no elite basketball player gets to collect that amount. Not even, being one of the most outstanding athletes in the NBA.

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