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Lionel Messi: The diet he goes on to look 20 when he's 33

Details of what the Argentine player does were known. 

Details of what the Argentine player does were known. 
Details of what the Argentine player does were known. 

If there is a player acclaimed in the world of football for his physical conditions, that is Lionel Messi, the Argentine star who doesn't stop adding records with Barcelona. This wasn't always the case, the best player in the world suffered physical problems, revealed by Messi himself in 2014. 

"It happens to me often in games, in practices, at home. I don't know what it is, I did thousands of studies and it happens to me. I try to take some pills, it starts to catch me and I end up almost vomiting", Messi said that year about vomiting suffered before, during or after football matches.

That same year, Messi met an Italian sports doctor named Giuliano Poser, a health professional who changed the diet and life of the Barcelona player. He also incorporated into his recipes the well-known Bach Flowers, which have multiple benefits.

"Messi was told to eat only what his body needs, not what he wants", says a publication in The Sun newspaper about Giuliano Poser's work with the Barcelona player. The Argentine star's diet lacks processed foods. He also avoids foods made from flour, eggs, shellfish, various dairy products, and pork and beef.

In his replacement, organic foods were incorporated into Messi's diet. Vegetables, lots of mineral water, mate and seasonal fruits are part of the Barcelona player's daily diet. But the big secret is the Bach Flowers. With a few drops, Messi dramatically improved his physical condition.


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