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Lewandowski's surprising diet to be one of the best scorers

Robert Lewandowski is one of the best scorers in Europe thanks to his good physical condition. One of his secrets lies in the diet that he carries out thanks to the help of his wife.

Robert Lewandowski
Robert Lewandowski

Fitness is one of the keys for athletes to not only stay healthy, but also to improve competitiveness. The daily exercise regimen that one performs must be accompanied by the proper diet and, at this point, the help of a nutritionist is necessary. This is the case of the great scorer Robert Lewandowski, who is accompanied in this process in his own home.

Lewandowski is one of the most decisive players in all of Europe. Top scorer for Bayern Munich and the Polish National Team, it is not surprising that, at 33 years old, he continues to remain in force. The secret here lies in your own physical state, which has an amazing diet carried out.

According to the newspaper The Times, to stay in great physical shape, Robert Lewandowski not only follows a good physical conditioning regimen, but also follows an 'inverted diet', which is promoted by his own wife Anna Starchuska, who not only He is a world medalist in Karate, but also a nutritionist.

This 'inverted diet', which Lewandowski follows thanks to his wife, escapes any consumption of fast food or fried foods, cow's milk or lactose and wheat flour. It is known for the inverted, since the meals go at the end, that is, it begins with dessert. Many of this is a pure cocoa brownie. To this, it is added as food, meat or fish, and ends with a soup or salad.

Anna Starchuska is a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education and is a nutritionist. Not only is she dedicated to her discipline as a high-performance athlete, she is also a great fit influencer, who has her own YouTube channel, Health Plan by Ann, and is also popular on Instagram for her nutritional plans and routines.

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