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Lewandowski approaches Manchester City and could win more than Guardiola

The days of Robert Lewandowski seem to be coming to an end. In fact, there is already talk in England that it will be Manchester City's next signing.

Robert Lewandowski and Pep Guardiola
Robert Lewandowski and Pep Guardiola

Robert Lewandowski's future may take him from Germany to England in the near future. The forward believes that his time at Bayern is over, so he has urged his agent Pini Zahavi to find a new destination for him.

With Real Madrid on the horizon but almost impossible, the Pole has seen one of the great European clubs knocking on his door. That would be none other than Manchester City, which in the face of obstacles to get Harry Kane would bet on adding to the offensive benchmark of the Bavarian club in recent years.

In fact, months ago, his wife Anna Lewandowska, assured that his destiny would be in the English Premier League, but that was not achieved before the closing of the last transfer market. The conversations are active and very alive. As it transpired, Lewandowski is willing to try in the Premier League and is that the proposal of City seduces him, since there he will coincide with the one who was already his coach in Munich, Pep Guardiola.

The operation would be around € 70m, somewhat less than Bayern would intend to enter, and could be completed soon. However, one of the most important unknowns is what his salary would be at Manchester City. It should be noted that, according to what they say, he would earn more than Pep Guardiola, who today is charging 3.6 million a month, which translates into just over 40 million a year.

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