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Leo Messi seems to be 25 years old, he runs, scores, assists and also sent a double for the victory of PSG

Lionel Messi played like he's 25 again tonight against RB Leipzig In the UEFA Champions League.  

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

Since his unprecedented departure from Barcelona and arriving at the Ligue one side, things have not been in favour of the six times Ballon d'Or. But he seems to have found himself tonight. 

Messi's performance today was exceptional, he brought back memories of when Barcelona used to dominate OK nah the competition and was rewarded with a brace. 

Tonight makes it the third time he will be seeing the back of the net for PSG and teammate Kylian Mbappe assisted two and one was a penalty. All these goals came from the Champions League which begs the question, is Ligue 1 more tasking than the UEFA Champions League. 

Lionel Messi makes a superb run alongside Kylian Mbappe to earn his second UEFA Champions League goal for PSG, he picked up Kylian at the right side of the pitch, passed the ball to him while the duo both make run for the opponent penalty box, Mbappe set Messi up for the goal which he kicked and has to follow up after the goalkeeper deflect it to hit the goal post. This type of energy is what we enjoy watching 25 years old Lionel Messi. 

He was given the opportunity to take the penalty that actually gave them the deserved three points tonight and Lionel Messi did not hesitate to show off his Paneka skill when taking the important penalty. He's just lovely to watch. 

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