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Laporta enthuses everyone: Under what conditions would Iniesta and Messi return to Barcelona?

Joan Laporta excited all his fans, referring to the possibility of reuniting those who once made Barcelona the best team in the world. Will Messi and Iniesta return?

Lionel Messi and Andrés Iniesta
Lionel Messi and Andrés Iniesta

Joan Laporta's phrase still reverberates at the Camp Nou and what was a joyful presentation by Dani Alves, was filled with anxiety, uncertainty and expectation after the desire publicly expressed by the president of FC Barcelona about Lionel Messi and Andrés Iniesta.

"I do not rule out the returns of Messi and Iniesta, they can come back. It has happened with Dani. And I want to thank him because he has seen the situation of the club and wants to come to help. I also appreciate that he has made an economic effort. We are going to reverse this situation, but that now he has made this effort is to be appreciated", Laporta began by marking.

Along the same lines, the manager added: "They are people who have made this club great. Messi and Iniesta are spectacular, I cannot predict the future, they are still playing, they have made the club great, we always have them in mind, but now they have A contract in force with other clubs and you have to respect it, but in life you never know".

Later, Laporta praised Dani Alves' willingness to return to help the club: "Alves is a person who has made himself, has fought, has talent and prints character wherever he goes. He is the player who has the most titles in the league. history. He told me that he wanted to come back and help this team that is being formed. Physically he is gifted".

Today, Messi has a contract with Paris Saint Germain and Iniesta with Vissel Kobe in Japan until 2023 both. However, the midfielder has already confessed: "I would like to come back to help FC Barcelona from outside the field". But what Iniesta never imagined was that Laporta was going to give him this chance, this margin to return but in the field. Xavi's role for these returns begins to be fundamental.

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