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Karim Benzema's wife: who is the woman of the Real Madrid's star?

Karim Benzemá, his life on the courts, and outside of them. His privacy, partner and family. What do he like to do, how did he grow up in football, and how far could he go as a professional player.

Karim Benzema
Karim Benzema

The Real Madrid striker, Karim Benzema, has a private life totally isolated from the spotlight, as the French never usually speak or give details of his personal life on social networks, as is common for most footballers, who they share intimate aspects of their extra-court life.

In 2017, it was rumored that Karim and Cora Gauthier had secretly married, something that was never proven. The Frenchman has been linked to various romances in recent years, highlighting an alleged interest in the Spanish actress, Esther Expósito, something that could not be verified either and only winks from the French striker about the former actress of the Elite series.

The truth is that outsiders are always going to talk, but for now, everything indicates that they feel full with their current partner. Cora Gauthier is one of the two women with whom Karim Benzema has become a family, as the young woman is the mother of Benzema's second child, little Ibrahim, who was born in May 2017 at the Ruber clinic in Madrid. 

Gauthier is a professional model and lives in constant movement, traveling between the Spanish capital and London. Neither Benzema nor Cora usually share images on their social networks where they can be seen together, in fact, she is not usually very active on Instagram, a platform where it does not even reach a hundred thousand followers.

Who is Karim Benzema ?

Karim Benzemá is a professional footballer for the France national team. Benzema has represented France at various football clubs, including Lyon and Real Madrid. His real position on the field is Striker. In reality, Benzema is a vital member of the team’s Strikers.

What about his professional carrear as a footballer?

Karim Benzemá is synonymous with loyalty. With the versatility of the market today, it is really very difficult to last in time in the same soccer team. Furthermore, if we understand that Benzemá has been playing in the first division for 17 years. His debut was still a minor, nothing more and nothing less than in Lyon in France. There he was 5 years, playing a total of 112 games, and scoring 43 goals. In 2009, he traveled to Madrid, to begin to form one of the most beautiful love stories in football. More than a decade in the White House, 383 games, 200 goals, and 19 titles to date.

How much is Karim net worth?

The Frenchman made his name at his boyhood club Olympique Lyonnais, drawing instant comparisons to previous French greats; in 2009, he moved to Real Madrid, where he had a gloriously fruitful career. The French superstar has an estimated net worth of €140 million his market value is around €40 million (£35.4 million) now that he is in his thirties.

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