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Kaka's "I belong to Jesus" amongst 3 iconic Goal Celebrations

Cristiano Ronaldo's "Siiiii", Mario Balotelli's "Why always me" and Kaka's "I belong to Jesus" are some of the most popular football goal celebrations.

Kaka's "I belong to Jesus" amongst 3 iconic Goal Celebrations

Goals are the most important part of football. They decide between the winners and losers. Score many of them, you win. Concede too many of them, you lose. The Ol' round-leather game is as simple as that. This is why celebrating goals are the most joyous moment in a match. The fans, the players, the coach all go berserk. 

Over the years, players have coined interesting football goal celebrations for themselves. Some of them have gone viral and some have even been replicated over the years. From Kaka's pointing to the heavens to Mario Balotelli's 'Why always me' and to Cristiano Ronaldo's 'Siiiii.' We'll look at 3 of the most iconic modern-day goal celebrations. 

Kaka's "I belong to Jesus" Goal Celebration

One of the most loved players in football and one of the more consistent players too, Kaka was famous for his goals and more famous for his goal celebrations too. The Brazilian, who played for AC Milan and Real Madrid in Europe, would customarily lift his hands to the skies in recognition of Jesus. 

Kaka was a famously religious player, often attributing many of his successes to Jesus. He also once revealed the inscription "I belong to Jesus" after scoring a goal. Kaka was very popular and loved for this goal celebration.

Mario Balotelli's "Why always me?" Goal Celebration

Italian striker, Mario Balotelli was as controversial as he was talented. The former Manchester City, AC Milan and Liverpool striker was prolific in front of goal and as well would celebrate in an iconic way. 

Balotelli debuted his famous goal celebration in October 2011 against rivals Manchester United when he was playing for Manchester City. Two days before the match, Balotelli's bathroom was set ablaze after a firework was launched from his house. The following Matchday, when he opened the scoring against the Red Devils in a 6-1 victory, he lifted his shirt to show the inscription. 

Cristiano Ronaldo's "Siiiiiiiiiiii" Goal Celebration

The most popular goal celebration as of now is the iconic "Siiiiii" goal celebration by Cristiano Ronaldo. The 5-time Ballon d'Or winner has scored almost 800 career goals and thus, has had enough time to practice and showcase his goal celebration. 

He debuted the celebration in 2014 when he was receiving his Ballon d'Or award after beating Lionel Messi to it. Since then, Cristiano Ronaldo would do a small run, jump, do a mid-air jump, and land with his hands stretched beside him and his legs widely apart while he shouts "Siiiiiiiii". 'Siiiiii" means "Yes" in Spanish and his supporters have been known to join in his goal celebration.

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