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Jürgen Damm: fined for admiring Cristiano Ronaldo?

Atlanta United forward Jürgen Damm spoke about the penalties he received while playing for Tigres in Mexico.

Jürgen Damm celebrating as Cristiano Ronaldo
Jürgen Damm celebrating as Cristiano Ronaldo

Jürgen Damm is a winger of a lot of category. He displayed all the magic in Tigres UANL of Liga MX and recently emigrated to the United States, where he is breaking it at Atlanta United. Since his arrival, he began to show an unknown facet in the way of TikTok. The footballer joins the trends, answers his fans and takes the opportunity to tell what his day to day is like.

In constant dialogue with his followers, Jürgen Damm responds to their requests: analysis of some of his matches, t-shirt raffles and even images of his worst plays, because, of course, the haters also appear there. This was how little by little he earned a place in the hearts of the fans.

In one of his last appearances, he answered a simple question, but made a surprising revelation. "If you get a yellow or red card. Who pays? You or the club?" Was the proposal of one of the users. To which Damm spent a minute explaining his situation and confessed that he was fined for celebrating like Cristiano Ronaldo.

At the end of the video, he showed a chat he had with Antonio Sancho, part of the Felinos board, when he was still in Mexico. There you can see the money he had to pay for warnings on the court. "On some occasions I also had to be fined, nor do they ask you, they take it from you directly from the payroll, and this time it was for claiming the referee, but also for taking off my shirt and celebrating as El Bicho fined me", he confessed.

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