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Jesús Corona may be heading to Spain next summer

The Mexican midfielder could change Portugal for Spain by the end of the season

Jesús Corona could sign for Sevilla next summer
Jesús Corona could sign for Sevilla next summer

Jesús Manuel 'Tecatito' Corona could make a change at the end of this season and end up playing for Spanish club Sevilla Fútbol Club. The team from Andalucía is still interested in the Mexican 28-year-old star and they are willing to finally sign him next summer. 

El 'Tecatito' is showing his capacity in the Portuguese Primeira Liga where he is also the highest valued player. Playing for FC Porto, Corona was also selected as the best player in the 2019-20 season which meant the giant team from northern Portugal was sacred champion of the league.

Being the center of attention of many top clubs, Jesús Corona was set in Sevilla's orbit as one of their main interests but in the end, the operation was never closed. Nevertheless, according to the newspaper Estadio Deportivo from Seville, Corona is still in the plans of Spaniard coach, Julien Lopetegui.

Being praised not only for his talent but also for his polyvalence, Corona's clause is set in $30 million -according to Transfermarkt-, which means that if Sevilla FC wants to buy him, they will have to pay that very amount of money, as long as el 'Tecatito' also agrees to part ways with FC Porto.

Corona to Spain but lowering his price:

Even if everything seems to go in good terms, the Spaniard club is not very sure of wanting to spend that amount of money so they will probably try to negociate with their Portuguese counterpart to lower the selling price. In addition, 'Tecatito's' contract ends in 2022 which means the following months are key to set a good negociation.

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