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Days away from meeting, the short-circuit between Lionel Scaloni and Lionel Messi

The two leaders of the Albiceleste team were involved in a recent event.

By Hector Garcia

The two leaders of the Albiceleste team were involved in a recent event.
The two leaders of the Albiceleste team were involved in a recent event.
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The talk between Messi and Scaloni to define their respective futures, as well as certain details about the Argentine National Team, still did not take place. They could have met immediately after the press conference and they did not. Also during the draw for the Copa Amrica, but that did not happen either. And now, they suspended the meeting in Funes, Santa Fe.

It is expected that figure and coach of the Argentina National Team can meet in Miami, once Messi settles back in the city after his vacation. The '10' and captain of the 'Albiceleste' will begin his preseason with Inter Miami in the coming days, while the coach will have to travel to the United States, along with his coaching staff, to define certain organizational issues for the Copa America. The meeting and the meeting to define the aforementioned matters would finally take place there.

On the other hand, journalist Ernesto Cherquis Bialo, who worked for a long time in the AFA and was even spokesman for former president Julio Humberto Grondona, told certain details that had not been disclosed regarding what led to Lionel Scaloni's famous conference at the Maracana. "It would give the impression that there is a short circuit between Messi and Scaloni," he told journalist and host Luli Trujillo on the aforementioned channel.

What really happened between the two leaders of the world champion team

Why the "short circuit"? According to Cherquis Bialo himself, there are several factors. "There was a party held in a country club" before the match with Uruguay to which Messi did not go and Scaloni did not even know about. One of the attendees at this event was Angel Di Maria, according to the communicator. "We are playing a friendly against the most combative team in the region. Let's see if we get our act together," was what was heard in the locker room of La Bombonera from one of the leaders of the group. And he finished off: "There was a little bit of anger. The trip to Brazil was not so sweet... There were no talks".

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