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Chicharito Hernandez reveals why he broke up with Sarah Kohan

Chicharito spoke to The Ringer where he open up and shared why he parted ways with Sarah.  

Chicharito is facing a lawsuit by Sarah Kohan
Chicharito is facing a lawsuit by Sarah Kohan

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández is one of the most famous Mexican players ever. He had an incredible professional career in Europe, playing for top sides like Manchester United, Real Madrid, or Sevilla FC, among others, and he is currently playing for LA Galaxy MLS side.

The 33-year-old attacker suffered a breakup with Sarah Kohan, the Australian model. The couple seemed to be very united, and they even have two children, Noah and Nala Hernández. Surprisingly, and after leaving together in Los Angeles, the relationship ended.

Things started to be strange when Kohan went to Australia, where she was born, to spend Christmas with her daughters. Many weeks later, what started as a rumor was confirmed. Javier Hernández and Sarah Kohan ended their relationship.

Javier Hernández ended his relationship with Sarah Kohan.

Chicharito's words after the breakup of his relationship

Chicharito spoke to The Ringer where he open up and shared why he parted ways with Sarah. The soccer player mentioned that the 2020 year was not easy for him. A year where he went through tough situations such as his grandfather´s dead and emotional instability. 

His situation got worse when Sarah Kohan decided to come back to Australia with their children for Christmas. A decision that he accepted because he recognized that he was the one who had caused problems in his family. "I wasn't the best partner I needed to be, I wasn't the best father I wanted to be. I wasn't a great friend. I was not the great human being I wanted to be," Javier exposed.

That was the only moment in the long interview in which the soccer player directly mentioned his wife, but in the following lines, he assured that what happened with her and with the death of his grandfather, broke him emotionally, which led him to fall into a deep sadness, which later turned into professional problems.

"I don't know how he managed to get out of that time, it was like his world collapsed in just one minute," said Ana Silvia, Chicharito's sister, about Kohan's departure.

Chicharito is facing a lawsuit from his ex-wife

Last June the Australian exposed on her Instagram account that the Galaxy player has not been involved in her children's lives since she moved to his country. 

The latest reports, however, confirm the divorce proceedings. It has been known the lawsuit filed by the Australian model, documents published by TMZ, which detail the requests on the maintenance of the two children that the couple has, Noah, two years old, and Nala, one-year-old. The documents state that Sarah filed for divorce last February and accuses the athlete of not participating in the children's upbringing. 

Included in the complaint is the refusal of the footballer to place protection in the pool of the house they shared, to avoid mishaps with the little ones, claiming that it did not fit with the aesthetics of the property. 

Sarah requests alimony for their two children, considering the income received by the soccer player. The amount is 100,000 dollars, valuing the annual salary of Chicharito in the LA Galaxy MLS team, which is about 8 million dollars, as reported by TMZ. 

The documents also explain how Chicharito has taken care of the children and Sarah: "Based on his behavior in this lawsuit thus far, Hernandez appears committed to keeping Kohan trapped in his role of financial dependency that he created for her."


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