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Jack Grealish is making his case as the best player in England

It's too early to talk about an MVP, but Grealish is having an awesome start of season. He already did greatly last year.

Jack Grealish at Aston Villa
Jack Grealish at Aston Villa

Jack Grealish may be one of England and Europe's most underrated players. Aston Villa's captain is coming out a season where he topped the Premier League in Next Gen stat expected assist. Now, after three games -Villains owes a Week 1 game against Manchester City- Grealish has scored three goals and put his team close to the top of the standings.

Jack Grealish is any fan's dreamed idol. His a Birmingham, Villain's fan grown kid who enrolls at Villa's academy at six years old. As amazing as it can sound, his great-great grand father Billy Garraty had won the 1903 FA Cup with Aston Villa. Since before that time Grealish's family has been related to Villa.

At 16 years old, Jack Grealish made his debut in a home defeat against Chelsea. Once a tremendous club, his new century isn't been happy for Aston Villa, with many travels to the Championship since 2000. At the same time, Grealish stardom as a youngster had a stop with Villa's irregularity. It wasn't until he turned 23, in 2018, that he could really established himself as a starter.

It was that year, with his team playing the Championship, that Grealish experienced his breakout season. He scored lots of important goals, including the single goal in 1-0 win over rival Birmingham City in the Birmingham derby. Since March, he captained the team during a 10 wins in a row streak. That streak pushed the team to the playoffs, where they gained the Premier League promotion.

Last season was strange for many reasons, but mostly because of the lockdown imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. Before the lockdown Grealish played greatly. When football came back his restart was difficult, but he scored the goal that finally kept the Villa in Premier League.

During that season, Grealish topped the league in expected assists, a stat that measures both assists that end on goals and assists that not. That means, Grealish was one of the most dangerous players in England last season. Now his team is fighting for the top of the league. And Grealish is making a real case as the best player in England.

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