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How much money will Neymar charge without being able to play for PSG?

PSG star Neymar sprained his ankle and was caught with an immobilizing ankle brace at the end of the match against Saint-Etienne. Tomorrow they will carry out the corresponding studies to determine the severity of your injury.

Neymar, crying after being injured
Neymar, crying after being injured

The Brazilian striker of PSG, Neymar, victim of an impressive sprained left ankle, had to leave on a stretcher this Sunday in Saint-Etienne in Ligue 1, a worrying injury for the Brazilian, who retired in tears. Following a Yvann Maçon tackle, the Parisian 10 fell on his rival and his left ankle bent in that action when he put his foot on the ground. Among obvious signs of pain, Neymar was removed on a stretcher in the 87th minute of the game.

"At the moment there is nothing to say. There is pain related to the sprained ankle. He will undergo examinations on Monday to find out about his injury," coach Mauricio Pochettino commented at a press conference. After the game, Neymar was caught with an immobilizing ankle brace and crutches, showing gestures of pain when walking. The situation does not look good for the crack of PSG.

"Unfortunately these setbacks are part of the life of an athlete. Now we have to lift our heads, let's go forward. I will come back better and stronger", said the 29-year-old on Instagram. However, it is not yet known what happened to his ankle, since he must be exposed to all the corresponding studies to determine the reason for his injury.

Neymar: How much money will he charge without playing?

Newmar is one of the highest paid footballers in the world. That is why, even when he cannot play, his salary is truly incredible. It is true, it is not yet known when he will be able to be part of the first team again, but everything indicates that it will be at least three months off the courts.

If we take into account that his income is 36.8 million dollars a year, we are talking about 3.06 a month, and multiplying it by the amount of time stopped, gives us a total of 9.2 million dollars during his time of inactivity.

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