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How much does Cristiano Ronaldo spend a year on private security?

Sergio and Jorge, who for years were part of the best army commandos, ensure the safety of the Portuguese footballer and his family

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

Thefts in the homes of footballers have unfortunately become common in recent months, so many have chosen to take different measures to keep their safety and that of their loved ones safe. One of them has been Cristiano, who in addition to the cameras that monitor his home, has two personal guards who protect his integrity since he returned to Manchester United.

While waiting for the twins that he will have with Georgina arrive, the Portuguese footballer is accompanied by two twin brothers who fought in Afghanistan. 

Two ex-soldiers from the special forces unit accompany Ronaldo and his family on practically every trip they make. Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro are in charge of ensuring their safety, and proof of this is that they were photographed in September while Cristiano was preparing to travel to Switzerland for a Champions League match.

These two ex-soldiers, after passing through the Middle East, became part of an escort unit of the Portuguese police in charge of protecting judges and politicians. But according to the Flash magazine, they were hired by Cristiano and decided to quit their job to take a new path in private security. Of course, the same media assures that Sergio and Jorge have another identical brother, that they are triplets, but that he chose to remain in the police force of his country.

Cristiano Ronaldo: How much money that he pay to this private security

The figures of how much money Cristiano Ronaldo and his family spend are not really known, but there is no doubt that for him, his is the most important thing, and everything he allocates is cheap, thinking about his well-being. Therefore, it is estimated that at least it will be 20 thousand dollars a month. However, they may be even more.

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