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How did Georgina Rodriguez experience one of Cristiano Ronaldo's worst football defeats?

Cristiano Ronaldo lived today one of his worst football days in his career, and without a doubt this affects his entire family. How did Georgina Rodríguez experience it?

Cristiano Ronaldo against Liverpool
Cristiano Ronaldo against Liverpool

Cristiano Ronaldo lived through a catastrophic day this Sunday at Old Trafford. The Portuguese crack was one of the protagonists in the historic defeat that Manchester United suffered at home against Liverpool 0-5 and the frustration was inevitably drawn on his face. Regrettable parties like today, there were already many in the past.

Cristiano Ronaldo returned home after 12 years to be happy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not everything is pink in his new stage with the Reds Devils. In fact, more is what he has suffered than what he has celebrated. Although the Portuguese forward saved his team on several occasions with goals, Manchester United had already shown quite a bit of fragility. Against Liverpool he was completely uncovered and could do nothing to prevent a historic defeat, which included a goal festival in the first half.

After the fall against the Anfield team, Manchester United have now gone four consecutive games without celebrating in the Premier League, with three defeats and one draw. The crisis increases in Cristiano's team, which hopes to put that 5-0 into oblivion as soon as possible. To make matters worse, all the lights were taken by Mohamed Salah, who today is his main competition in the search to be the best footballer in the Premier League.

It goes without saying that Georgina Rodríguez will have a tough task when it comes to comforting him at home, since it is public knowledge how Cristiano Ronaldo lives this kind of game. However, what is still unknown is how she experienced her husband's game. Surely he did not have a good time, and a clear indication is that he did not even upload a story in the last 24 hours to his personal Instagram, which dates from that he is not in the best of his moods.

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