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Cristiano Ronaldo's reaction because of the fact he didn't qualify for the World Cup 2022

The star did not hide his penalty for the fall of his team against Serbia in Lisbon, a fact that will make the Portuguese play a playoff to tempt their qualification for the World Cup in Qatar.

Cristiano Ronaldo against Serbia
Cristiano Ronaldo against Serbia

Not even he could believe it. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is in danger for Cristiano Ronaldo, due to a goal from Getafe player Alexander Mitrovic, who in the 90th minute embittered the Portuguese team to qualify his team for their third World Cup, after placing 2-1 of the comeback Serbia against Portugal in Lisbon.

With a header, he finished off a cross by Dusan Tadic from the left wing to raise the score to 1-2 at exactly 89 minutes and 37 seconds. Earlier, Renato Sanches overtook Portugal in the first half and Tadic himself tied before the break.

But, without a doubt, Mitrovic, will be the one who takes all the covers. He was the hero of Serbia and the hero of the day. It caused Portugal to play the repechage.

For Portugal, who started with a favorable goal difference, just a draw against Serbia, a team they had never lost to date, was enough. But the Portuguese lacked brilliance and, with a Cristiano Ronaldo almost gone, they fell to a Serbia that deserved to win.

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